How do I receive my embroidery design files? (Where are my download links?)

The appliqué designs on this site are provided by “Instant Download”. After you complete your PayPal payment, you will receive an email receipt confirming payment and showing your purchases. You can download your designs one at a time by clicking on the download icon. The link is in the invoice after the item description. It’s a bar with a green arrow above it (to be verified by Kevin during site construction). You can also access your download links anytime by logging into your account. Just click “My Account” (log in if you haven’t already), then click “View Order History”. You will see your order(s) in order of purchase date. Just click the order number and your designs for that order that will be listed there.

Why didn't I receive my email with the download links?

There are usually two possible reasons why you did not receive your email with the download links.

  1. You entered your email incorrectly when you completed your checkout. When this happens your email cannot be delivered.
  2. The email went into your spam folder. Please check this folder before contacting us.

If you do not receive your download link email, please use the “Contact Us” link to send an email to Appliqué Market.

I purchased one of Appliqué Market’s fonts and don’t understand how to make a name?

You will either need a machine that will allow you to merge the letters and arrange them into a name, or it is much easier if you do have embroidery software to merge designs. Some software options we recommend are Embrilliance, Embird and Sew What Pro.

I purchased an Appliqué Market pocket design and the instructions are not included.

The instructions are included. They are in a .pdf file in the folder. There are two .pdf files, one for making the pocket design, and on for the Placement Guide.  You won’t see the instructions in your embroidery software or on your machine. It will open through your computer. You will need to find the folder on your computer and double click on the .pdf file. It should open in Adobe Reader.

Do you do custom designs?

No. Due to the time involved, Appliqué Market is not able to do any custom designs. However, we do take suggestions for designs. We may even use your idea if we feel it fits in with our website! If we do use your suggestion, you will receive the appliqué design for free.

What type of machine do you recommend for a beginner?

A lot of Appliqué Market’s customers start out with the Brother PE770.  It might be a good one to consider. Check out your local dealer for a demo.

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