About Appliqué Market



Appliqué Market was formed more than five years ago. Their mission is to provide quality machine appliqué and embroidery designs. Karen Norman owns and runs Appliqué Market. Her passion came about while looking to have cute, quality appliqués that were simple and quick to stitch.

At Appliqué Market, we have an extensive selection of appliqué and embroidery designs as well as embroidery fonts for all of your customizing needs, with more than a thousand unique designs. From fonts, to seasonal/holiday designs, to themes for kids of all ages, you can find the perfect design at Appliqué Market.

When Karen is not in front of an embroidery machine, she is spending time with her two boys and husband. While her family is her first priority, she takes pride in providing excellent customer service about appliqué and embroidery design questions in a timely manner. She is always happy to provide help and guidance whether it is for questions on embroidery machines or how to download a particular appliqué design.

We hope that the appliqué designs will be a way for you to help grow your business, showcase your ability, or even just create a one of a kind appliquéd outfit for that special someone in your life.

All of our designs are instantly downloadable (upon payment), and are easy to set up and use with your embroidery equipment.

Thanks for visiting Appliqué Market.

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